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Establishes Offshore Corporations, LLCs, Trusts, and Bank Accounts.

The strongest privacy laws and offshore banking jurisdictions allow for financial privacy as well as asset protection from divorce, creditors, judgments and lawsuits.

Offshore Company Registration

Creating a company abroad and/or relocating your corporate structure to a foreign jurisdiction can be an important step in safeguarding your assets from legal action. Additionally, you can take advantage of international tax benefits and expand your investments overseas. This website provides a comprehensive guide to the formation and utilization of an “offshore company,” based on years of research. You’ll find many advantages to running your business through a foreign bank account in conjunction with, or instead of, a local account. Popular foreign jurisdictions are available and we can assist you in forming your preferred corporation or LLC, as well as opening a bank account and virtual office offshore. Nevis LLC legislation, in particular, offers exceptional asset protection features that safeguard foreign bank accounts from legal action.


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Offshore Tax Benefits

To clarify, doing business offshore is not about evading taxes or keeping money from the government. Rather, it is about structuring your affairs in such a way as to take advantage of local and international laws. These laws that are available to anyone who cares to use them to their benefit. Therefore, we can show you perfectly legal and legitimate ways to set up your business internationally so that you understand the far-reaching benefits from asset protection to cost-savings.

People in the US, UK, Australia and some other countries are, by and large, taxed on worldwide income. On the other hand, you likely know that Apple, Google and others have slashed their tax bills using completely legal techniques through the use of overseas structures. In addition, the offshore captive insurance company is another way our clients have legally slashed their tax bills under IRC 953(d) and 831(b). Accordingly, there are ways that you may be able to do this too, with our help plus the guidance of the proper licensed professionals.

We cannot emphasize the last point enough. Offshore tax benefits are a very sensitive areas of the law. So, before you use international strategies for taxation purposes, be sure that you don’t just talk with any CPA. Talk with an accountant and/or tax attorney who specializes helping citizens and residents with foreign income. You are a lot more likely to pass an audit with flying colors. Plus, you’ll sleep better at night, too.


Online Company Formation

One extraordinarily successful strategy is to use on offshore company to operate your online business. It is also a technique used by Apple and Google. If your business is based online and you incorporate your international company properly, therefore, it may have some very attractive tax benefits. This may defer tax payments, similar to an IRA, for instance. It is abundantly important to have the tax advice of a knowledgeable CPA who can guide you in the use of this strategy. Use of these tools to save money on taxes may also depend on your country of residence and citizenship and your percentage of ownership of the company, among other actors. So, it should only be used under the guidance of experienced tax counsel.

An online business can have a global customer base. For example, do you want to multiply your customer base by 22 times? The population outside of the US is about 22 times greater than inside. The world population outside of the UK is 109 times greater than inside, 200 greater outside of Canada and 304 times outside of Australia. You get the idea. Why should you limit yourself to the old fashion geographically constricted business model? Consequently, establishing an offshore company and offshore bank account to run your online business can be a great way to build momentum outside of the country in which you reside.

Offshore Banking

Within minutes of filing a lawsuit, an attorney can file another document freezing your bank account, your home, your business, and other assets. However, operating a business offshore puts up a huge barrier to a viscous litigant’s ability to freeze and seize your hard earned resources.
Multiple Streams of Income
What if your local company runs into difficult times? Remember the US and European recession of 2008, 2009 and following years? During that time the economies in Southeast Asia and Australia were booming. By having an offshore money machine, you limit your exposure to the local economy.
Why not have multiple global online businesses running simultaneously?

The low cost of establishing a number of offshore companies and accounts, along with new low-cost website development services makes the initial investment just a drop in the bucket compared to the tremendous upside potential. Our organization provides all of these services, and has for tens of thousands of clients. If a farmer wants to harvest a crop he must first plant the seeds. Not all of the seeds grow but a majority of them do; and the ones that do can make him and his family a living for many generations.

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We are passionate about international financial services and asset protection from lawsuits. Our company provides regulations and licenses for Forex brokers, such as CySEC in Cyprus, FSC in Mauritius, FSA in Seychelles, DIFC in Dubai, and Bappebti in Indonesia. The principles of our company regularly speak with heads of state to influence legislation for the best interests of our clients.


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